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Types of Logos

Let’s explore the different types of logos

From Coca-Cola’s classic logo to Apple’s iconic logo, the instant brand recognition a great logo provides is invaluable to a company. That is why most great brands have invested a lot of thought and money to come up with these unforgettable logos.
Branding starts with the logo. So one of the most important tasks that any new business venture should take up at the earliest is to create a memorable logo. Great care should be taken while designing the logo because the logo will be associated with your business and your brand for a very long time. Hence it is important that the logo you choose should convey your brand values clearly and at the same time be easily recognizable.
Logos can be broadly categorized into six types
1. Wordmark
This is the most basic type of logo and it simply involves the name of the brand presented with some variation of font and color.
Best known examples of this type of logo is Google and Coca-Cola.
This style of logo should not be used if you have a brand name that is very long.

2. Letter Mark
This style use the brands initials or the first alphabet of the name.
Use this type of logo if your brand name is long or hard to pronounce. Use of a unique font style is very important for this category of logos.
Well-known brands that use this type is CNN and HP.

3. Symbol
This type of logo consists of an icon or figure without use of any text.
Mostly used by global companies the advantage it provides is that since there is no text it overcomes language barriers.
The disadvantage however is that since the brand name is written nowhere it is difficult for a customer to associate that logo with your business unless you have pumped in a lot of money in advertising.
Apple and Twitter are prime examples of this type.

4. Combination
This is the most popular type of logo and it involves using a symbol and the brand name to form the logo. Over half the businesses use this kind of logo.
Since this type uses both text and an icon, it usually takes the most time and effort .Advantage however is that customers see both your icon and business name together and if need arises you can split and use the icon and text separately.
Famous brands that use this type are Adidas and Lacoste.

5. Emblem
Emblem logos are similar to combination logos in the fact that they both use an icon and the brand name. The difference however is that icon and text can be split apart but in Emblem logos the text is contained inside the icon so cannot be separated out.
These kind of logos lend authority to the brand. Many government institutions have this style.
Harley Davidson and Starbucks are good examples of this category.

6. Mascots
Mascot type logos usually use an illustrated character to represent your brand.
A great example of this type is KFC and Air India.
This type is great if you want to connect to families or your target clients are mostly children.

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