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Top 8 Irritating Features Your Website Should Avoid

There are things that visitors to a website don\’t tolerate. Listed below are top 8 reasons why a visitor will leave your site within a few seconds after arriving. You are advised to avoid these mistakes in your website development.

1. Stock Images, Stock Images and More Stock Images
Nothing shouts out \”Cheap Website\” more than the use of stock images which you have probably seen on 1000 other websites.
No I am not against the use of stock images, only those that you instantly recognize having seen a hundred times before. Like this one

Images are very important for attracting visitors to your site and retaining their attention, so take the time to personalize the images to look unique.

2. Pop Up Windows
Blame this guy Ethan Zuckerman for inventing one of the most annoying features on the internet – The Pop Up Window.

Everybody understands you need to earn revenue for your website by showing ads in pop ups or showing pop-ups to request for subscription but please don’t ram it down our throat.

3. Auto Play Music
You have been there – you are quietly surfing in office, pretending to be busy and suddenly you hear the most annoying music blast from your speakers.
Soon everyone in the office is giving you the stares and your facade of being a hard worker lies shattered.

4. Websites that are not mobile responsive
Its 2017 for crying out loud and we still have websites that are not mobile responsive. More than half of the visitors to your website will be using a mobile device to access your site. If that is not enough reason to take the trouble to have a mobile responsive site then I don’t know what is.
Actually this is one of the first feature that should be incorporated while developing a website.

5. Spelling mistakes and bad grammar
A website full of spelling mistakes and bad grammar comes across as unprofessional and can harm your brand image. Take the time to use spell-check before launching your website or blog post.

6. Ultra-strict passwords
We get it – a fairly secure password is mandatory in today\’s world. This is specially true for sites that deal with your money or important information.
But forcing users of your simple site to have passwords that have to be 12 characters long, have upper case characters , lower case characters , at least one number , at least one special character, not contain a common phrase is pushing it.

7. Using Flash
Flash is dead people. Time to move on. It’s appalling to see sites still use flash banners despite major browsers not supporting Flash media. Do not make Flash a part of your website development.

8. Subscription/Sign up messages that appear within one second of visiting a website
You don’t even know what this website contains – whether the quality of content is good and within one second it shows a box to subscribe. You can’t proceed without subscribing. Nothing drives away visitors away from your site than this \”feature\”.

We at FabCoders take great pride in developing websites that will not irritate your visitors by having any of the above. We create elegant, clean websites that your visitors will love browsing through. So if you are looking for a website developer then look no further. Call us on 9545410696 or email on for a free consultation about your project.