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Tips To Choose The Best Restaurant POS Software

Whether you are a setting up a new restaurant or changing your POS software, here are some useful tips which will help you decide the best restaurant POS Software.

1. Is It Easy To Use?
Easily the most important factor when deciding a restaurant billing software is that it has to be extremely easy to use.
In a typical restaurant you will have people with varying levels of education and comfort level with computers. The software should be so easy to operate that even your waiters who are not very tech savvy should be able to use it.

2. Does It Require Internet Connection To Work
Given the erratic nature of internet connections in India it is a wise idea to use billing software that functions independently within the premises of your restaurant. Cloud based billing software is not advised unless you want to stall the operations of your restaurant when the internet connection goes down.

3. Reporting tools
Does your restaurant POS software provide you with accurate and fast reports that give a clear idea about the various aspects of your business?
If they have the right reporting tools then business owners can derive a lot of useful information from these reports. Based on this information the owners can take decisions that can improve the efficiency and bottom line of their business. Typical decisions like which slow moving items to cut out from the menu, what discounts and which time to give discounts etc. can be derived from the reports your software provides.

4. Speed
The billing software has to be very fast to keep pace with the hectic schedule of a restaurant during the peak hours.
A cumbersome software will only slow down the speed of fulfilling orders which can lead to a bad customer experience at your restaurant.


5. Easy Inventory Management
A good restaurant billing software should be integrated with an easy to use inventory management module. The right inventory module will not help the business owner to keep a tab on their inventory but also help to identify wastage and pilferage. Anything that helps to reduce waste and pilferage will only increase the profits of the business.

6. Different Payment Methods
With new payment methods like PayTM, Mobikwik and other digital wallets plus new options like UPI cropping up on a regular basis it is important that your billing software supports all these methods.
In addition to these new methods it is a no brainer to expect your software to support older payment means like cash, cheque, bank Cards, gift vouchers, credit etc.

7. Discount Options
Improving customer loyalty is a crucial factor for long term survival and prosperity of your business. There are many ways to improve customer loyalty but offering good discounts to your customer is a sure way to keep them happy.
A good restaurant billing software should provide you many options for giving discounts such as customer card discounts, happy hour discounts etc.

8. Capabilities Of The Software
A restaurant billing software should have all essential features that are needed in a restaurant. Some basic features are table management, reservations, easy customer registration, KOT printing, easy reprinting of old bills, multiple taxes etc. Only consider those POS software systems that provide all of these features.

9. Cost
A good billing software should not cost you an arm and a leg. Software suppliers can provide options of a one time fee or a recurring monthly or yearly fee. Make sure you compare which one makes more financial sense.

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