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Time To Dump Traditional Advertising And Choose A Digital Marketing Agency

Why focusing on social media marketing is more important than ever.

Let’s put it bluntly – If your business is not connecting with the internet savvy consumers then you are either losing a chance to increase your customer base or even worse becoming totally redundant.

With the explosion of mobile users it is important that attention is paid to market to these category of users who spend more time on their mobile or laptop than watching television or reading the newspaper.
With data cost plummeting down each day thanks to arrival of JIO and the market response from other service providers like Airtel and Vodafone you can expect more people to join the mobile revolution and spend more time browsing internet sites on their mobile and laptops.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, SnapChat and Google+ are the popular platforms where you should focus your marketing attention and budget. Your digital marketing agency will handle your social media posts, online campaigns, responses to customers online.

How to choose the right digital marketing agency
One of the worst things a business owner can do is try to handle digital marketing himself. This is a bad idea because not only is he doing something that is not his core area of expertise but even worse he is losing focus on what he should be fully focused on – his business.
It is best to choose an experienced digital marketing agency and let them handle all your online campaigns.
Here are some tips to choose the right digital marketing agency –
1. Check their website
The first indicator of how good or bad a digital marketing agency is their website. A shoddy website is a clear sign that this agency will not do a good job with your business if they can’t even fix their own website.

2. Check their previous work and ask for references
Digital marketing is an area where you will find a lot of fake operators. They will promise you a lot and deliver mediocre results.
One way to check whether they have done a good job in the past is to talk to their previous clients. This should give you a fair idea what to expect from this agency.

3. Check their prices
Digital Marketing is a time consuming activity and if you expect good results then expect to pay a decent amount. Any agency that offers to do things on the cheap is assured to allot you less resources which means a less optimal result in the end.

4. Do they have their own staff or do they outsource ?
An agency that has its own staff and designers will always do a better job than those who outsource their jobs.
Agencies that rely on freelancers or external workers always tend to delay their work due to dependence on unprofessional freelancers.

5. Always choose local
Local digital marketing agencies tend to be more reliable than those you can find over the internet. You can always drop in their office, check the progress of the work and discuss in person any improvements to your campaigns.


What To Do Once You Have Finalized A Digital Marketing Company
Once you know which company you are going to work with then do the following –
1. Negotiate the price
2. Meet the team
3. Set your expectations

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