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Signs your web site needs a redesign

Still displaying your outdated website ? Check out these warning signs that tell if your website needs an overhaul.

It is important to pay attention to warning signs before something goes out of hand and is irreversible, be it a car’s engine or your health. A professional intervention at the right time can do wonders- a trip to the mechanic or a visit to the doctor. The same principles can apply to your company website as well. When warning signs tell you your site is no longer working as effectively, having it optimized by a professional could prevent a decline in traffic.

Here are a few signs that your website may need a redesign:

  1. Information that is not up-to-date.

Outdated information on your website can lead customers off track, ‘thinking you’re located where you are not’ or ‘your products are available when they are not’. Such information sends negative messages such as the customer is not important or your standard of service is bad.

  1. Your brand has evolved since your website launched.

Businesses and brand identities evolve over time and so should your online presence. Your website should reflect your present identity, not what it was at the time the site first went live.

  1. Your website lacks social media.

Social Media is fast growing and is taking over businesses. Your website needs to have social media components and interact well with existing social media platforms. Your website needs to make it easy for users to move between social media platforms and your site. Keeping up with digitalization will increase your customer base, as this is where your potential customers will find you.

  1. Outdated website design.

Website design influences more than just how a visitor perceives the attractiveness and usability of a website; it reflects on your brand, too. If your design is complicated, visually unpleasant or old fashioned, incorporating more current design trends can change how visitors perceive your brand overall.

  1. Your website is not mobile-friendly.

Unlimited people are accessing the internet, using social media, making purchases online, finding businesses and interacting with brands via mobile devices. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, it can be difficult for your potential customers to access your website.

  1. You’ve been slipping in search engine rankings.

Search engines reward quality content. If you’ve been noticing that your rankings are declining, it may be an indication that the search engines no longer view your website as quality. Outdated design and content can contribute to lower rankings, so refreshing your website could help improve your search engine ranking.

  1. Visitors are not spending time on your websites.

A potential customer visiting your website is only half the success. Once a visitor arrives, you want him/her to stay for a while and take action. If people are finding your page and visiting it, but leaving quickly or departing without taking your desired action, it may be an indication that your website isn’t functioning the way you want it to.

  1. Your competitor’s website is better than yours. 

If your competitor’s website looks, works and converts sales better than yours, it’s time to redesign your website into something that will be able to compete with theirs.

  1. Bad SEO

If your website isn’t drawing enough traffic or if your visitors are leaving early, this is a pointer towards a bad SEO strategy. This also means that search engines are having a hard time in finding your website. Since SEO isn’t a single day game and all your content needs optimization, you must definitely give a thought to installing the best SEO tool and eventually redesigning your website.

  1. You can’t easily modify your website content

Older websites have this issue. The only option you had was to have a web developer hand code an entire site and access it. This made updating things very difficult for the actual site owner. Nowadays, most sites are created using some type of CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress, this makes accessing and editing content very convenient.

  1. Your website is visually complex

Your website will need a redesign if the visual design is too complex. Keep it simple. With unlimited data available online, people tend to expect fast answers to what they are looking for. Therefore, making your website simple and easy to read is a way to please your customers.

  1. Your website is slow loading

Slow-loading sites are incredibly frustrating to use and often result in visitors quickly hitting the back button in search of something a little more responsive. There could be several reasons for this like files might not have been compressed properly or updates might’ve been missed on the back end.

Your website is a credibility builder for your business. If it’s outdated and difficult to use, you will lose your clientele without knowing it. It is important that a website is optimized for potential customers. We at Codanto will help you redesign or develop a new website for your business. So if you are looking for a website developer then look no further. Call us on 9545410696 or email on for a free consultation about your project.