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Native vs Hybrid Mobile App

Which Is A Better Option For You – Native Or Hybrid Mobile App ?

One of the important decisions you have to make when you want to develop a mobile app is whether the app will be a native app or a hybrid app.

For those who don\’t know what the difference between the two is, here is a quick lowdown :-

Native Mobile App –

This is a type of an app that is developed specifically for a particular mobile operating system such as Android, IOS or Windows.

To create an app for each operating system the developer has to use separate programming languages and platforms.

For example to develop a mobile app for IOS the developer will use Swift and to develop Android apps the develop will use a combination of Eclipse and Java.

The whole app is downloaded on your device and can run without an internet connection.

Hybrid Mobile App –

This type of an app is platform independent and runs from a single code. In other words this means that the developer will code the app once and it will run on Android, Windows and IOS. This type of apps are built on HTLM5, CSS and JavaScript. Platforms such as PhoneGap are used for coding hybrid apps.

Hybrid apps basically are web apps that are run off some webserver so technically they need an internet connection to work.

Decision Time

When it comes to deciding which type of app to create we have to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Native mobile apps have the following advantages:-

  1. Native apps perform better and faster than hybrid apps
  2. Most Native apps can run without an internet connection
  3. Animations are much smoother
  4. Can use all hardware capabilities of the mobile device

Hybrid apps have the following advantages:-

  1. Lower cost of app development since one shared code is used for all platforms.
  2. Since the core of the app is on the server, these apps don’t necessarily need the user to update in order to get new functionality.
  3. Development time is quicker. So if your app has to be completed fast than hybrid apps make better sense

In addition to the above it is also important to make a note of these following points before starting mobile app development:-

  1. Hybrid apps are a bit sluggish so if your app has to be fast then native is the way to go.
  2. If your app needs access to hardware capabilities like gyroscope then native app is preferred.
  3. If you have limited budget and time and you want app for all platforms then hybrid app should be your choice.
  4. IOS and Android look and feel different. The UI is different for both. If you want the app to look like the other apps on your device then native is a better choice.

We at FabCoders can develop your mobile app. We can develop both hybrid mobile app and native mobile app. If you are still unsure about which direction to take then we will guide you to take the correct choice.

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