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Codanto into Digital Marketing

Finding it difficult to handle your social media pages? Not sure if you are handling it right? Well, we are here at your service.

At Codanto, we deliver what we promise. Our clients love us not only because of the fab work that we do but also for the fact that we deliver everything on time. That has always been our primary goal as we believe in quality work. Our team is growing and so are we. We have expertise in providing services like:

  1. Website design and development.
  2. Mobile App development.
  3. Customer software development.
  4. Branding solutions.
  5. Billing and inventory software.
  6. Social media and digital marketing.

While keeping this in mind, Codanto rocks the world of digital marketing. Digital marketing is fun, no doubt but it is challenging too. If done right, it will take your brand from dusk till dawn. This is where we come in. Our digital marketing team helps your brand get followers, customers or for that matter “Likers” (not a word in the dictionary but exists in the social media world) by using their super creative ideas.

To give you an overview of digital marketing, brands/organisations benefit in a number of ways through this. Whether it is a hotel chain or a software company, the use of digital marketing maximises their marketing efforts to a greater extent. One of the most efficient advantages of digital marketing is its ease of access. It helps your customers interact with you through the various digital media platforms. Directly or indirectly, this helps the image of your brand as your customers feels more engaged and valued. There is a saying that goes as “Content is King”. This simple means that you need to make sure that your website content, blog content or social media content for that matter, is strong enough to make your customer click on the ‘next page’ button to continue reading. If you can engage your customer into this, your brand is good to go. Content marketing means giving your reader what he/she is looking for in an elongated yet effective way(Marketing, you see). One small thing that the writer (while writing) as well as the digital marketing executive (while running a digital campaign) needs to keep in mind is that the article or the post should have lower technical terms and requirements. Not everyone knows about the technical terms and frankly, customers likes to engage when it sounds non-technical.

How will Codanto help you?

We like to it simple but creative. And, here’s what we will do for your brand:

  1. Create and manage all your social media accounts.
  2. Generate strategies to get more followers and customers.
  3. Design and style your social media pages to match your brand perfectly.
  4. Respond to comments and messages by followers and customers.
  5. We will post frequently on these accounts.
  6. Write content and articles for your blogs.

We also provide you with

  1. SMS and Email marketing:

Codanto can turn all the phone numbers and contacts that you have into sales. Trust me, I am not kidding. SMS and email marketing is the most feasible way to keep your clients and customers up-to-date about your new services and offers. The dedication with which our designing team designs the beautiful email templates keeps the potential to make a positive impact on your clients.

  1. Digital Paid Ads:

One of the most assured ways of keeping your existing clients on hook and getting new clients is by running paid ads on platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media sites. Paid ads are the fastest form of advertising and here at Codanto, we help you lay out a complete strategy, run and measure your paid ads campaigns.

Our team not only works hard but they work smart too (as said before, we believe in quality work). We know what it takes to build a business and that is why we understand your requirements well. We understand the importance of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and that’s why our team has the right strategy to guide and assist you to reach the potential customers/clients.