Tips To Choose The Best Restaurant POS Software

Whether you are a setting up a new restaurant or changing your POS software, here are some useful tips which will help you decide the best restaurant POS Software. 1. Is It Easy To Use? Easily the most important factor when deciding a restaurant billing software is that it has to be extremely easy to […]

Benefits of Goods & Service Tax

The Goods & Service Tax or GST is one of the biggest financial reforms in India since its Independence. All businesses, small or large, will be impacted by this new indirect tax regime. GST is levied on both goods and services and will include and replace the current indirect taxes such as excise, VAT and […]

6 Ways to keep your Inventory Organized

While running a business, it is important to have an organised inventory. Sure it is difficult given the unpredictable demand but it is possible. Having an updated and organised inventory saves your time to a great extent. Suppose, you run textile business. Having a record of your stocks, sold products, number of fabric, etc. is […]