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Does Your Business Really Need A WebSite ?

Are you struggling with the decision whether to create a website for your business? Read on to make an informed decision.

Many business owners today still don\’t have a web presence. One of the reasons these business owners have not got a website is simply because they don\’t understand the advantages a website can offer to their business. Let\’s look at some benefits that a website can offer to these offline establishments.
By the time you reach the end of this article you will be convinced that you absolutely need a website.

Advantages Of A Business Website

1. Credibility
Having a website immediately gives your business credibility. Customers will want to know about your organization ,your services ,your background etc.
No better place than your website to collectively display all this information at one place.

2. Showcase
A website can be a good place to showoff your products and services. You can display photos of your previous projects thereby giving the customer a glimpse of your capabilities.
Not only product and service you can even show off happy customer testimonials from your actual clients. This type of social proof can create a lot of confidence among new clients and help you increase your business.

3. Professional with emails
Having your own website gives you an option to have your own email id for example This makes your business look more professional.
Using generic emails like does not inspire the same confidence among customers.

4. Easily be in contact
Your website is like an online brochure available for reading 24 X 7. Anytime a client wants to contact you or read about your services they can go to your website and browse through the content available. Right there and then from the website the client can send you a message through the contact-us page of your website.

5. Newsletters
Websites can be a good way to make customers subscribe to your newsletter. Once you get the email id of the client you can send them interesting content, offers etc. This can generate a lot of customer loyalty.

6. Online search
There are millions of customers using the internet now. If the customers are searching for a particular product or service then the first thing they will do is to go to Google and search for it. Google will show your business in the results only if you have a website. The importance of being shown in the search results of Google cannot be
stressed enough. Google is known to make or break businesses with the kind of traffic that it can send to your site. Hence it is imperative that you have a website.

7. Keep users informed about constant changes, upcoming events etc
Your website is a good place to keep the customers informed about new services, new products, upcoming events etc. There is no easy way to broadcast such type of information among your clients using any other medium.

8. Online selling/booking
You can increase the geographical reach of your business by selling online. The entire world is your playground when you have a website.

Reasons Given For Not Having A Website
Some say why have a website when we can have a FaceBook page. One simple answer to this is that FaceBook pages are not organized to show off your business in the same way which can be done on your website.

Second reason is price. We at FabCoders can create website for you at affordable rates. So this reason should not matter.


I guess by now you must be convinced why you need a website.We at FabCoders help businesses by designing and creating their websites.
So if you are ready to get a web presence or if you are still having any doubts then give us a call on 9545410696 or email on and we can sit down and discuss.