Types of Logos

Let’s explore the different types of logos   From Coca-Cola’s classic logo to Apple’s iconic logo, the instant brand recognition a great logo provides is invaluable to a company. That is why most great brands have invested a lot of thought and money to come up with these unforgettable logos. Branding starts with the logo. […]

Time To Dump Traditional Advertising And Choose A Digital Marketing Agency

Why focusing on social media marketing is more important than ever. Let’s put it bluntly – If your business is not connecting with the internet savvy consumers then you are either losing a chance to increase your customer base or even worse becoming totally redundant. With the explosion of mobile users it is important that […]

Native vs Hybrid Mobile App

Which Is A Better Option For You – Native Or Hybrid Mobile App ? One of the important decisions you have to make when you want to develop a mobile app is whether the app will be a native app or a hybrid app. For those who don\’t know what the difference between the two […]

Advantages of Developing Customized Software

Why developing custom software for your business makes more sense. Software has become an integral part of our lives now. We use different kinds of software every day without even realizing it. WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail are just a few examples of software that we cannot live without. This kind of mass software makes perfect sense […]

Does Your Business Really Need A WebSite ?

Are you struggling with the decision whether to create a website for your business? Read on to make an informed decision. Many business owners today still don\’t have a web presence. One of the reasons these business owners have not got a website is simply because they don\’t understand the advantages a website can offer […]

Top 8 Irritating Features Your Website Should Avoid

There are things that visitors to a website don\’t tolerate. Listed below are top 8 reasons why a visitor will leave your site within a few seconds after arriving. You are advised to avoid these mistakes in your website development. 1. Stock Images, Stock Images and More Stock Images Nothing shouts out \”Cheap Website\” more […]

Tips To Choose The Best Restaurant POS Software

Whether you are a setting up a new restaurant or changing your POS software, here are some useful tips which will help you decide the best restaurant POS Software. 1. Is It Easy To Use? Easily the most important factor when deciding a restaurant billing software is that it has to be extremely easy to […]

Branding Mistakes

Everyone should read this to avoid making mistakes while creating or relaunching your brand. In 1982, Colgate decided to enter the frozen food market trend by coming up with a line of Colgate-branded frozen food called Colgate Kitchen Entrees. Colgate thought that consumers would eat boxed meals with the Colgate brand on it. Because nothing says […]

Signs your web site needs a redesign

Still displaying your outdated website ? Check out these warning signs that tell if your website needs an overhaul. It is important to pay attention to warning signs before something goes out of hand and is irreversible, be it a car’s engine or your health. A professional intervention at the right time can do wonders- […]

Steps to take while choosing a website design company

With the onset of digitization, in order to create a niche in a highly competitive market to highlight your brand it is important to have an online presence for your company to stand out amongst competitors. Along with the elaborate change in marketing styles over the past few years, the social and mobile web has […]