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Advantages of Developing Customized Software

Why developing custom software for your business makes more sense.

Software has become an integral part of our lives now. We use different kinds of software every day without even realizing it. WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail are just a few examples of software that we cannot live without. This kind of mass software makes perfect sense for personal use however the same cannot be said for business software.


Business software is a total different area. Here mass produced software makes sense only at certain places. For example MS Office is one mass produced software that is used by variety of businesses. Still we can gauge the problems associated with mass produced software from the use of MS Office. Let’s discuss it in detail


Problems With Generic Software

One main problem is clutter. Generic software is over loaded with features that most users never use. These features not only cause confusion, they also tend to increase the training period of new users.

Take example of MS Excel. The ribbon menu on top of Excel is cluttered with options after options. Looking at the various options causes anxiety.

Second issue is that bloated software tends to occupy unnecessary disk space , takes longer time to load and drains the system resources.


Advantages of Custom Developed Software

Just like a skilled worker can work more efficiently with specialized tools, in the same manner people tend to work better with software that is customized as per their actual need.

Customizing the flow of the software to mimic the actual working of an organization can be a huge time saver. Not only is the working of the software much more clear to the users, also the training time to train new users is significantly reduced.

A task that would have taken 5 clicks and going through 5 screens of a generic software, that same task can be achieved in two clicks in one screen of a customized software. That is the power and beauty of developing a custom solution for your business.

Customized software tends to use minimal disk space and system resources if done well.

Another huge advantage of a custom made software is that it can be extended easily in the future to accommodate new features that the organization may need.

Price also tends to be a plus point of custom software. Other software tend to have subscription prices (monthly or yearly), price per user or terminal which tends to add up to a big amount very soon.  Customized software generally has a one-time cost at the time of development and no limitations on how many users use it or on how many computers the software can be installed.

Software companies that make customized software also tend to hand over the source code to you so you are secure with the fact that even if that company shuts down tomorrow you can go with that code to another company and get it modified if there is any requirement. With mass produced software you don’t have that luxury so you are at the mercy of that company. If that company shuts down for whatever reason then you have no choice but to buy another costly software.

Software types that are good for going the custom made route are ERP, CRM, Accounting, Supply Chain and POS.


Why FabCoders To Develop Your Custom Made Software

We at FabCoders take great pride in our ability to develop custom made software exactly as per your business needs. Our team will spend a lot of time with you to analyze the working of your business, map out a plan to convert your processes into a software routine and then start developing the software.

FabCoders has the capability to develop custom software on various platforms – be it desktop software or web based solutions. Some of the languages and platforms we are experts at include PHP, Codeigniter, WordPress, C#, DotNet and Delphi.

Our combination of high quality output and a very competitive price is very difficult to beat.

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