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6 Ways To Help You Build Your Brand

A handy guide to building your brand.

As simple as we can put it, the definition of branding is that it is a way of identifying your business and it is more than your company’s logo. Branding and myths related to it are common but it affects your business directly and indirectly. While there are many such myths related to branding, according to research, the 3 most common myths that affect a business are

  1. “Branding is important only you’re growing”
  2. “Branding is expensive”  
  3. “It is way too complicated for your business”

Branding is always important and there is no limit or bar to that. Branding needs to be done when you’re growing as a company and even when you’re established. While we are on it, the fact/myth that “Branding is expensive”, should be erased. Gone are those days when marketers use ‘print broadcast’ or ‘telephones’ to build their brands. With the evolution of digital era, marketers are finding it easier to promote their brands. There are many creative ways through which you can brand as a company without putting in a lot of cash. The sole purpose of branding is to help your prospective clients and customers understand about you – what you do, what services you offer, how are you different from others(your competitors), etc.


While on this, irrespective of whether you are a big brand, small brand, established or growing brand, there is a common factor that every marketer must take care of i.e. you must deliver what you promise. For example, Disney says “The happiest place on Earth”, and well, can you deny it? No right. It purely delivers what it promises. Similarly, if your brand promises something, ensure that you deliver it. The brand building process ain’t that complicated. Follow the 6 simple yet effective steps to build your brand. Read on to know more.

6 best ways to build your brand:

1. Target audience:

In business, you cannot be an all-rounder. Even if you try your best, it is difficult to be “everything to everyone”. For example, if you run a fashion and lifestyle-related company, and your target audience/clients are from a software company, it doesn’t make any sense, does it? You need to scrutinize properly the type of personas/clients you are looking for your brand.

2. Brand Tagline/Mission:

Having a properly clear and curated tagline can boost up your branding campaign.As mentioned earlier, deliver what your tagline/mission statement promises to the customer. Ensure that through your tagline or mission statement, you can voice the purpose of your organisation. Don’t curate taglines of more than 5 words however your mission statement can be up to 10-12 words, although, keeping it short and straight is always better.

3. Consistent Social Media Presence:

You have the target audience ready and your tagline/mission statement ready curated, but where are you going to voice it? The plain and simple answer, Social media platforms. Believe it or not, you will find your target audience on social media, you only need to know on which platform they spend their maximum time. Do a proper research and you can work on your strategy then.

4. Blog:

We cannot emphasize enough on the fact that blogging is a very important part of branding. There are very few brands that do not have a blog section on their websites. Nevertheless, your blog can talk about a particular project as well as it can talk about various topics related to your brand.  

5. Outline the key qualities of your brand:

In business, you have to remember that there are bigger brands than yours, and there are smaller brands than yours. But, you have to focus solely on your brand. Your products, services, advantages, and success belongs to you and no one else. Outline the key features of your brand properly. This will attract your target audience as it will be easier for them to know about your company.

 6. Form a voice:

Every brand needs a voice. Irrespective of whether you are a big or a small brand, you need to form a voice. This voice can be friendly, professional, conversational, etc. However, it is advised to have your voice more like a chatbot as it makes your audience feel valued and attended.


There is no doubt in the fact that building a brand is no piece of cake. It takes a lot of patience and hard work. We, at codanto understand the importance of branding and take care of everything, right from logo to colours, and many such factors. Visit our site to know more and get in touch with us.