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5 mistakes to avoid while developing a website

An effective website is the key to bringing business. Here’s a handy guide on designing a flexible website.

In today’s world, where everything is going digital, it will be an utter ignorance of taking risk with your websites. Gone are those days when your clients and prospective customers would personally meet or call you to see if you meet their requirements. This is the age when the first thing anyone does is check your website. However, there are many companies without a proper website which almost annoys the users. You have to be very careful with what you put on your website. Sometimes even if the design isn’t that great, content does the magic and vice-versa. But, when the design along with the content doesn’t match up, it becomes difficult to fetch in business through your website. Another aspect that the developer and designer needs to keep in mind is the flexibility of the users. A hi-tech website design is impressive but not everyone is that tech-savvy. There are many websites that call themselves as “tech-savvy” but are plain complex to access. But, if you can design a technically creative and user-friendly website, then Bingo! However, it is difficult but not impossible. So what to do? Pretty easy. Keeping a user-friendly design in mind, here are the 5 mistakes that you must avoid while developing a website.

5 mistakes to avoid:

1. Failing to use responsive design:

The most common mistake done by maximum developers is that they fail to use a responsive design. Generally,  nowadays people use their smartphones and tablets to conduct searches . So, you ought to be very careful while designing a website. Make sure that you website is compatible to all the devices(mobiles, tablets, etc). It must have the same flow of accessibility in all the devices.

2. Forgetting about actual design elements:

Designing plays a serious role in your website development. At times, the designs go either way too complicated for the users to understand or completely flat-out that the users gets bored. Excess of customisation can distract/mislead readers from the actual purpose of the website. On the other hand, a plain design feature also is a turn-off. You have to ensure that your website design is balanced with the right design features.

3. Making core information hard to find:

Frankly, there is no point in designing a “hi-tech” website if your readers cannot find the core information easily. You build a website for your brand so that your potential customers/clients or for that matter any user, learns more about your brand. One common mistake is that there are many websites who forget to link important information from the homepage to it actual page. Avoid this mistake as it will lead to your loss. Link your information correctly and easy enough for the users to find.

4. Not keeping the website updated:

This is the most common and silliest mistake done by web developers. It is necessary that your themes and plugins are updated, mainly due to security reasons(digital era is awesome, but brings in cyberattack problems too). Ensure that the entry points are protected on your domain.

5. Not paying attention to analytics:

Another critical mistake in website development is not paying attention to analytics. You need to make sure that the analytics are being used properly once installed. This will help you keep a track of how users are navigating your website.
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