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5 essential rules to follow while creating a logo for your brand

Here’s a guide to help you create a logo using these 5 simple rules.

Any brand, while it\’s getting into the business and trying to make a recognition, needs a logo. This “logo” helps its potential clients and audience recognize the brand. While the necessity of a logo is high, creating the design is a very tricky process. The designer needs to be crystal clear with the purpose behind the brand to the services/features it has. Also, every logo needs to be original and unique. You might find the colours of various logos similar, for example, Facebook and Twitter both have shades of blue. But, you will never find two brands having a similar/same logo. The uniqueness of the logo is going to make your brand stand out in the crowd.

However, if you make blunders while creating the logo at the starting stage, you might re-work on it at the later stages of the designing process. Nevertheless, here are the 5 cardinal rules to follow while creating a logo.

5 rules to follow while creating a logo:


Without pre-work, you cannot proceed further with your logo design. Designers start creating the logo on the various designing tools and skip this step. This pre-work step is very simple. Take a pen and paper and start drawing your ideas. Make sketches of all the ideas and then finalize any one of the logo design, that suits your brand the best. You can also use vector program for this pre-work step. For an effective logo design, pre-work is a must and ensure that this step is not missed.


The second point to keep in mind is the size of your logo as it matters a lot. The design created by your designer needs to look good visually and in all sizes. If you customize your logo only for letterheads, and promotional purposes, it will not look effective when used for larger formats. Keep a standard logo size that will work with both smaller formats and larger formats(TV, web, posters, etc.).


As mentioned in the introduction, you can play with colours but you HAVE to be careful. For any designer, understanding the basics of colour theory is very important. You can try keeping individual colours or you can mix-match. But, if you are trying to mix-match colours, be careful with the combinations that you use. Remember, that your logo must look good in B&W, Grayscale, Sepia and all such effects.

Suitable design style:

One of the most crucial rules to keep in mind while designing a logo is that your design style must match the brand. A logo can be a graphic, for example, Twitter, or it can be a typography like Skype. There are brands whose logos are a combination of graphic and typography(Paytm and PayPal). Whether you create a typography, graphic or a combination of both, ensure that the logo speaks your brand.

Ease of effects:

Last but not the least, go easy on effects. Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Photoshop and many such designing tools have plenty of effects and filters. It is confusing at times and designers get carried away. While you can play around with these filters to see if any of them looks good on the design, but for a logo, keep it simple yet creative.

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